Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hindus For Trump, the Next Level


Hindus For Trump was not ready to take this leap just as of yet, however, recent events have pushed our group to reveal our true identity and mission, as well as begin gathering support from all those who have been following us and understand the importance of what we have been doing.

None of us have been wantING to criticize Donald Trump as he is supposedly our best ally against Islamism, Socialism, Christian Fundamentalism, Zionism, Balkanization, International Capitalists, Bankers and every other ism that plagues the American and Hindu people today.

However, Donald Trump has also proven to be a negligent "Emperor" in that his subjects are left to the wolves, we are attacked and bullied and harassed and injured as the royal family sits up pretty in the White House hanging around with Tyrannical Bums from who knows what shit hole country.

Well, I, Vincent Bruno, the founder of this group, just got a taste of this gross violence against myself, in the form of obvious police harassment which involved several attempts to set myself up followed by extreme physical and psychological battery.  All of these crimes were witnessed by nearly 10 people and the police are silent in shame.

I will not yet reveal all the details, but the short form is this, I was walking alone in the night when a person I do not trust, because he and his family have conflicting stories on certain things, began calling my name from down the street.  I told this person I did not trust them and to stay away from me.  This person did not respect my wishes and became more aggressive and starting walking toward me faster.

I ran away from this person for nearly 3 blocks before they caught up with me.  At this point I turned around and confronted this person and began screaming as I wanted someone to call the police.  There are many details going into this, but eventually I became very confused as to what was going on when this person's family members came outside and gave me more conflicting testimony. It was also confirmed this was the house of the "Head of Town Council", the most powerful family in my town!

I left the scene crying and upset because I was confused, but also because I was scared that this incident was related to another incident I have been having.  As everyone know, I am am very active in different political scenes and have many enemies.  Recently, some mysterious "Black Guy" who many think is Muslims began coming around my home spreading rumors that I have been sleeping with the whole neighborhood.  I have no idea who this person is and no one understands his motives.

Then, my roommates saw a group men coming up on our property at night snooping around, and they did it more than once. My whole house of roommates, which is more than 6 people, became very concerned and installed cameras.  I also told everyone that if they ever saw this "Black Muslim" around again to tell him we had up cameras and if I ever saw him I would call the cops. As I left the scene that night I was very upset because I was thinking that this "Black Muslim" and this guy who had just chased me were one and the same.

The cops arrived as I was walking home and crying, and as soon as they arrived they were extremely hostile.  I told them I had been chased and had began screaming to get someone to call the cops, I was also in shock and very upset.  The cops immediately started telling me I sounded like I was "high".  I started trying to tell the cops about the other situation at my home with the "Black Muslim", but as soon as they heard this they became very combative.

I started fighting with the cops as they would not listen to my testimony and I had to get aggressive with them just to get them to agree to come with me to my house to further investigate.  At this time, the cops set me up.  They told me to talk home (alone) via a long route, and that they would meet me at my home to discuss everything with my roommates.

When I got home, I was expecting the police to be there, but all I found were my roommates who seemed very shocked and confused. I asked where were the police and my roommates told me the police had left.  I thought the police had explained the situation to them so I began asking about the cameras we had installed and the "Black Muslim" who was snooping around our house.

My roommates were so confused about my questions and began acting so strange that I broke down again as I had no idea what was going on.  It turned out the cops had tricked both of us, the cops did come to the house, but did not tell my roommates about anything.  My roommates had mistakenly thought that I was down stairs sleeping, and thought maybe the cops had the wrong house. My roommates said they had heard fighting next door and thought maybe the cops had arrived for that.  The police knew very well they were not at my house due to a domestic fight but because I had requested them to arrive their and meet me there.  The police acted stupid with my roommates and left without telling them anything. However, I did not know this at first and this sparked further confrontation.

Not understanding what was going on, I called the police who came back to the house.  Once outside, the cops began psychologically harassing me, telling me they had gone to my home and were told I didn't live there.  They then began accusing me of being on drugs again.  I began fighting with the cops and told them to bring me to the police station immediately which they refused.  I then played along with them and said I was on drugs and needs to go to the hospital, which they refused.

At this point I knew I was being set up and attacked, so I began screaming in the streets for the cops to take me to the hospital and I forced them to tackle me to the ground and cough me. My neighbors come rushing out and eventually the cops became nervous and changed their tone. I began cursing the cops out violently as they stood around like dumb sheep, pretending to be concerned for me as they had now called an ambulance.

I cursed out the cops the whole way to the hospital and then in the hospital.  All the nurses and doctors at the ER were shocked at how I abused the police and how they walked out of the ER like beat dogs.  Everyone in the ER was stunned at my testimony and no one said anything at all.  I was released and when the hospital called for a follow up, I gave them a piece of my mind as the ER did nothing to comfort me when I was in extreme shock.

I of course will be suing to police and other parties involved for this insanely obvious political attack on my person.  However, I know that this attack came from much higher up.  As we all know, each group who has supported Trump has our own internal struggles and our own internal enemies.  Blacks, Chinese, Hindus, Gays... any minority group who helped Trump is preyed upon by our own groups in their own specific way.  Well I personally have my own internal enemies, the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Only the JW would orchestrate such a bizarre and outlandish scenario, and only they are powerful enough to infiltrate the police to this level.  As everyone knows, I was a very high ranking JW slave, I lived a horrible existence of prostitution and vendetta.  By the time I was 19, I was being trained in the JW's holiest temple in Brooklyn NY, yes, the one that overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center.  I was actually taking my training at the same time as Prince, and I believe we may have even had the same trainers.

I am well known to all the police, esp in NYC, as I would often run jobs for the JW that would bring me in contact with law enforcement.  One time, I was sent out to destroy a rival child porn racket, I ensnared a wealthy Jewish diamond dealer and had him arrested on child porn possession charges.  This man had crossed my masters some how and needed to be punished.  The police knew I was a JW slave as this is why they cooperated with me and did not arrest me for being attached to these rings; everyone knew I had no choice, I had a horrible life.

So how did I get here, how did I get from a JW slave to the founder of Hindus For Trump and how does this all relate?  As everyone knows, the JW are not so much a religion as they are a cabal of sorcerers.  The founder of the order was a very powerful sorcerer named Charles Russel.  Russell was a profound occultist who used "Pyramidology" to predict future events.  He was also a Freemason and had great contacts with world leaders and such. His grave is an occult Pyramid which is still used for rituals today and their are thousands of splinter sects in his name.

To make a long story short, through his use of occult mathematics and his growing ring of spies (aka JW missionaries), Russel and his predecessors got into the business of predicting world events such as WWI, the extermination of the Jews and thousands of other smaller things.  These predictions were used by the JW to make themselves useful to the powers that be, it has also allowed them to always be in the right place at the right time, thus reaping the political benefits.

So what does this have to do with Trump?  The JWs do nothing by chance.  The JWs made Brooklyn NY the cite of their holiest Temple due to mathematics, there are even occult charts showing how and why the founders chose the spot based upon it's situation to other holy spots. Who knows what the JW had planned for this spot, but here is what they did not have planned, me.

As anyone can tell you, I was the most profound and powerful student our order has ever produced, I learned all the occult knowledge of the Tower from very young and was rebellious and could not be controlled by any of my teachers.  The JW have always worked very hard to either control me or destroy me and my whole life, which they have been semi-successful at both. My entire life has been a struggle against these sorcerers and I have finally won, and Trump is the proof of that.

No one can deny that I campaigned for Trump more vigorously than likely any Hindu on this earth, and even though all the reasons I have stated for doing so are certainly valid, I did have my own personal reason for pushing this agenda.  As a JW of highest rank and file, I am of course aware of certain currents that others are not.  Trump has long been a concern for the JW, especially the marriage of his daughter Ivanka Trump to Jared Kushner and her conversion to Judaism.

You see, the JW and the particular Jewish cult called "Chabad Lubavtich" have always been extremely close and have always been involved in real-estate deals together, they of course also are partners in their shadow criminal world.  This criminal JW-Jewish alliance has been going on since the 70s when an Iranian Jewish Sorcerer named Nathir Sali took control of the Tower by being the chief advisor to its ailing and senile president at the time.  Nathir was able to hypnotize the JW leadership by presenting his own version Hebrew which he said they could use to better improve their occult powers. Nathir also of course siphoned many of the JW's child resources into Jewish hands.

As you may understand, the JW became resentful of this Jewish power over them, but also coveted good standing with the Jews as this brought them many benefits.  So you can imagine they were terrified when Ivanka Trump, a NYC real-estate mogul's daughter, and Jared Kushner, the sion of a Chabad-Lubavitch real-estate dynasty, married and had children.  We all know that Ivanka Trump is not a real Orthodox Jew, she is an opportunist.  However, there is deeper concern among the JW about the mixing of these two bloodlines, a story for another time.

So how does all of this link to me and Trump and the cops attacking me?  There has always been a ongoing feud between the JW and the Jews over real-estate in both Brooklyn NY and elsewhere.  After the election, when Trump became president, a deal was signed; Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump became the owners of the JW's most Holy Temple; the Watch Tower in Brooklyn officially became Trump-Jewish property and the JWs were cast out of their nexus of power, the vortex they had calculated a hundred years ago would be cause of their accession.

I have worked very hard to deliver this blow against my former masters, I have also used by training and abilities to create a situation the JW have come to fear.  Donald Trump is obviously an Avatar of the War God Indra, his daughter Ivanka obviously also carries these genetic links to Indra consciousness.  The JW have always worked very hard to keep their counter narratives, their alternative prophecies, so that when these come true they can be used to the JW's advantage on the world scene. The JW never thought their holy sight would be used to elevate an Indra cult, to them an abomination over which they have no control.  Because I campaigned for Trump, and am obviously known to so many inside that camp, the JW are furious that they cannot openly destroy me as that would be too obvious.  They know the Trumps and Kushners also wanted them out of Brooklyn for a long time and they have been the only power able to accomplish this, ever. The JW are fuming and will do anything to destroy this new dynasty sitting upon their holy spot.

The JW know they must destroy Trump and his family before it becomes obvious to too many people that this bloodline is divine and that the Trump-Kushner line is here to end the feud between Jew and Gentile so as to usher in a new era. The JW have nothing to compete with TRUMP AS INDRA!!!  They are so arrogant they could not ever think that the Hindus could cause them so much trouble.  They are wounded and are starving for revenge.

My closeness to the campaign has afforded me great protections until now, however it has become obvious that my work had finally brought enough wrath down from the JW hierarchy as they are now willing to engage in such foolish games as they entertained only a few night ago with this obvious police set up. I have suffered in silence until now, however now it is time for me, Hindus For Trump, and many others to hold the Trump's responsible for our protection as we are the ones who put them in office.

I was trying to handle this situation delicately with the Trumps but now I have no other option but to bring this to the next level for my own safety.  From now on, "Hindus For Trump" will be an outfit the propagate the worship of Donald Trump as an avatar of the god Indra, and his daughter Ivanka Trump as vessel for the destruction of the Gentile-Jewish feud as we know it.  The Children of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump must be proclaimed to be divine god children here to help usher in a new era of Hinduism as they will uphold the Indra cult image of their Grandfather.

So yes, that is the story now, this is the next level.  A former JW slave has risen to the top of his order and has seized the reigns of power over the greatest vortex for the practice of such magic.  I know ever secret of the Tower of which the Trump-Kushner's now own, however I will always own it metaphysically.  This means I will make this happen whether the Trumps or Kushners or Jews or JWS or anyone else wants it or not.  Yes, I am the greatest prophet the Tower has ever produced, and all who follow me will see my power.

Trump will be proclaimed a god king, Ivanka and Jared will "destroy the Jews", and their children will be Hindu pagans worshiping the image of their Grandfather as Indra.  Please help me build this empire, starting of course with proper propaganda, that of a Political-Religious order.  Trump's image, his likeness to Indra, must be shown and digital and physical temples build to his image.  We must also create a specific ritual culture around his persona.  These and a thousand other things must be accomplished in order to raise a god emperor.  Please help me, I promise you won't be disappointed.


P.S. - The Trumps can say whatever they want about this, I could care less, they don't control our star, they only live under it!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How and why I started "Hindus For Trump"

By Vincent Bruno

Now that the inauguration is over, and Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, it is time for me to explain how and why I started "Hindus For Trump", an explanation many Hindus have been looking for since the campaign began. I have to say that for the most part, Hindus were rather civil during this election. Some sided with Hillary, some sided with Bernie Sanders, obviously many sided with Trump, however we did not cannibalize each other as many other groups did.  We all saw how the Cruz-Trump feud tore apart the Republican party, we all witnessed how vicious it got in the DNC between Sanders and Hillary, we all know how friends and even families were torn apart during the election, however I think we also all noticed that we Hindus for the most part avoided these turbulent seas. There was no tempest in the Hindu community, only ripples in the pond. I am happy to say I don't think I lost any friends during this election, and I think the same is true for most Hindus. However, it is time for me to explain why I did what I did, many have asked and it is a legitimate question. As Hindus we are always looking at the higher order, the question above the moment, how will current events effect the future, and so like many other Hindus, I got involved in this election cycle with the future in mind. 

So how and why did I get started in this rather controversial movement of "Hindus For Trump"? Obviously everyone within the Hindu community, and outside of it, knows by now that the movement garnered a great deal of attention both in the USA and India. Our "Hindus For Trump" internet poster was widely circulated through major news outlets, and we were even interviewed by the New York Times. Many have credited us as being the catalyst which activated groups like the Hindu Sena to support Trump in India and the eventual endorsement of Trump by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC). Some loved what we did and were very supportive, others hated it and derided the movement, but everyone kept asking me... why?.... how?... and so here it is.

Before this 2016 presidential election, I had never gotten involved in politics in any meaningful way. Yes I had held opinions about candidates and platforms, but I never really voiced these opinions to others nor did I ever endorse any candidate.  While I was always interested in politics and knew how important they were to our daily lives, I could never find a good reason to support anyone. The candidates agendas seemed so detached from my reality, I could not find a good enough reason to expend my energy.  This sentiment stayed with me even at the beginning of the 2016 elections cycle, the candidates lined up, I took notice but didn't support anyone. I carried on with my Hindu work as usual, knowing that Hinduism is the bigger answer, the larger quest, and no one seemed to fit into this quest at all.  I heard people talking about Trump running for president, some thought it was a joke, others thought it was funny, no one took it seriously, and I didn't take it that seriously either.

The summer of 2015 went by and nothing had stirred me to get involved in the election, but then something happened, something unexpected.  I had been invited by the "Indian American Intellectuals Forum" (IAIF) to attend the India Day Parade in Manhattan. The founder of the group, Narain Kataria, who has since passed on, had dedicated his life to saving the Hindus of Pakistan from Islamic tyranny and genocide, he also wanted to warn the West of the dangers of Radical Islamic terrorism.  When I first began my work as a Hindu activist and started "Justice For Hindus", Narain Kataria was my first supporter and mentor, he gave me much of his time and energy. I was asked to help distribute the IAIF's newly published newspaper "India World Geopolitics", a collection of articles written by Hindu activists highlighting the plight of Hindus living under Islamic regimes in Bangladesh and Pakistan.  Upon my arrival I was surprised with the fact that an article I had written about another activist friend of mine had been put on the front cover along with our pictures. I was very honored and shocked as my image was spread to the crowds by the thousands. 

As I thumbed through the newspaper I read the horrific headlines of persecution and misery brought on by Radical Islamic regimes in South Asia, yet as a Hindu activist myself, these facts and stories had become so familiar to me that I almost didn't flinch.  But then there was something that did catch my eye. On the back cover of the newspaper was a full page advertisement endorsing Donald Trump for president of the United States.  Now remember that at this time, in August of 2015, Donald Trump had not made many scandalous statements and his candidacy was viewed by most with amusement. I remember looking over the endorsement, Trump's face, Trump proclaimed as "America's Last Best Hope", because the world was facing unprecedented problems, and Trump needed "no favor from any quarter". 

This endorsement struck me, and not because it was Trump. Like most others at this time I had no strong opinions about Trump's presidency, he was a larger than life TV personality and real estate mogul, rude but funny, powerful but seemingly uninvolved.  No, it was not that the endorsement was for Trump, but that he was said to be "America's Last Best Hope"... BEST hope. Here Trump was not idealized, his platform not presented as some panacea to cure the ills of the days, he was no savior or divinely inspired hero, he was simply American's BEST hope for the future, and only because he was independent and would be less beholden by the current power structures.  Like most young Americans these days I could not be swept up by pure patriotism, our nation's nefarious international intrigues over the past several decades has taken much of the shine off of "Americanism", yet I was looking for a "secure world" and the "best hope" for the future possible. After skimming the horrific headlines in the newspaper, after seeing all the cries for security and help from Hindus, a cause which I have dedicated much of my life to, I came to this advertisement, not a promise of a glorious future, only a best direction to take in order to secure the world; and the endorsement was coming from men I held with great respect.  The advocacy was typically Hindu, nuanced, and so I was impressed, pleased by another Hindu insight, but still at the end of the day I was not moved, and I continued on with my work and life, sans politics.

My friends and I began realizing we needed to find a way to tie the Hindu cause and the Western cause together. The West was swiftly beginning to notice the dangers of Islamism, yet their response was confused and sluggish. We Hindus know how late the hour is, we understand the real danger, we are racing to save lives, and so we were looking for a way to hasten the West's inevitable conclusion, that Radical Islam is a deadly threat.  Then came the first of a series of major Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe.  In November of 2015 a stint of suicide attacks in Paris had left 130 people dead in one evening. The world shuttered and took attention. What had once been a fringe idea, that Islam is dangerous, was now at least entertained by many minds in America.  We moved as swiftly as we could to tie together the Western and Hindu agendas, we attempted "A HINDU-WESTERN ALLIANCE AGAINST ISLAM" campaign, it was perhaps a little too abrupt to gain traction. 

It was around this time that Trump began his controversial campaign promise of banning all Islamic immigration into the United States.  All of a sudden Trump's campaign was transformed from a comedy into a terror by much of the media and public. Trump was now a racist and a bigot, a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Trump also began making other comments which could have double meaning. Were there rapists and drugs dealers illegally entering the USA from Mexico, yes... was Trump saying that all Mexicans were rapists and drug dealers, who knew? Trump's hard line stance on Radical Islam seemed to jive with the Hindu activist scene, but many were also concerned that this was a prelude to an attack on all non-Christians and non-Whites.  I had no plan to get involved in the election or endorse anyone, and while I did see potential in Hindu support for Trump, I also understood the possibility of danger, and so as it had always been I didn't get involved.  

But then there began a constant murmuring in the Hindu community: should we support Trump, is he a racist, is he a Christian supremacist, does he really mean only Islam, what does he think about Hindus, should we support Trump? It was also around this time that the Republican Hindu Coalition was launched, this was no small event since Hindus in America had always traditionally voted Democrat. The arrival of the RHC at this very moment seemed to be a signal, a sign of our future direction. In early December a friend and I held a political Hindu book club in our New Jersey apartment. Prominent Hindu activists attended, afterward we had dinner and talked about current events. Of course talk turned to the election, and every single person still present at the time said they were supporting Trump.  Everyone believed that he was not a racist, that when he said Islamic immigration and Illegal immigration, that was what he meant, not non-Christians and non-Whites. No one believed that Trump was a fundamentalist Christian, but a reasonable nationalist who saw threats to the nation, threats which Hindus already understood; everyone suggested endorsing him. A few days later I received calls and words urging me to find a way to rally Hindus for Trump, and so I did. 

Now what went through my mind as I prepared to introduce the "Hindus For Trump" campaign to the Hindu community and the world?  This was December of 2015, Trump was now a shock and an outrage in much of the public square. To align with him was radical and dangerous, there seemed to be little hope of him winning the election.  Yet I did not think about winning or losing, I thought about perceptions and alliances.  How many Americans knew the difference between Muslims and Hindus?  Wouldn't many people assume that Hindus voted along minority/racial lines, that they were a granted vote to the democrats, the powers that be, the Clintons?  These perceptions in the minds of the American public were to myself and many of my friends, dangerous.  We wanted the world to know that Hindus are independent, critical and long term thinkers, that we are an ally against Radical Islam, that we had seen through the corruption of the current power structures and could be allies in forging a new way.  Even if Trump were to lose the election, if we made a determined effort to raise ourselves above the fray, we could attract the much needed attention and allies we had been looking for.  We designed our now famous internet poster, we began our campaign. 

This was December, we launched, and nothing.  Most were too afraid to publicly align themselves with such a contentious cause, the non-Hindu community, as usual, was not even looking our way. We posted articles about Islamic terrorism and tyranny in South Asia, we tried to show that Hindus were the natural social and economic allies of America, but the movement seemed flat, dead in the water. In January a group started the "Indian Americans For Trump" political action committee, and this gained some media attention. Then we remembered the Indian American Intellectual Forum's original endorsement of Trump in their newspaper. These newspapers had been distributed by the thousands to the American Hindu community and so we knew that many must have been aware of the endorsement.  IAIF President Narain Kataria was a well known and respected man, he had arranged for the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Madison Square Garden the previous summer, his funeral in September of 2015 was well attended by prominent members of the community; his endorsement of Trump would carry some weight. And now we had the formation of the Republican Hindu Coalition and Indian Americans For Trump, so we wrote a blog on American Hindu support for Trump, and this is when we got attention, negative attention. 

Our blog post was picked up by a reporter working for Huffington Post India. Adrija Bose, the reporter living in India, tried to very cleverly undermine our movement by falsely accusing us of deifying Trump, placing him on a Lotus like Lord Vishnu.  Many other news outlets followed Bose's lead, defaming "Hindus For Trump" for supposedly desecrating Hindu iconography. All of a sudden we had a bad name, we were cheapening the Hindu gods!  We had to fight back, we had never ever even thought that our poster could be misconstrued in such a fashion, we had simply borrowed similar iconography from Modi's campaign, him seated inside a lotus. We wrote back to Adrija Bose and Huffington Post India. We explained our true intention with the artwork and also turned the question around on them, why didn't they report on real desecration of Hinduism, such as the insulting portrayal of Shiva in a bathroom in the Indian movie PK, staring a Muslim actor? We didn't hear back from Adrija, but she had made the internet poster famous and it began making the rounds on the internet.  This is how we got our New York Times interview, the reporter said she had followed leads on the "infamous" poster!

Now the movement really began to take off. In India, the pronounced Hindu Sena began conducting havans (fire rituals) for Trump's victory. These publicity events garnered much media attention and helped snowball the "Hindus For Trump" movement into the mainstream. For months "Hindus For Trump" became a topic of discussion on blogs, internet forums and media, then finally the Republican Hindu Coalition officially endorsed Trump, with the group's founder, Shali Kumar, donating nearly $1 million dollars to Trump's campaign, and all this by the early summer of 2016. As the summer continued, Trump's poll numbers began to climb, and after the Republican National Convention, his prospects seemed promising.  But then his campaign was rocked by scandals, extremely lewd comments he had made about women surfaced, he also did very poorly in the first presidential debate. By this time, Hillary Clinton had snatched the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, she was inching up in the polls, and it eventually began to look like she would win.

Now this raises the obvious question, why were we not supporting Hillary Clinton?  Why didn't we support Bernie Sanders as many young Hindus did?  Remember our agenda was to make the BEST choice, the choice that would do the most to end the suffering of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the choice that would expose the true face of Radical Islam, the choice that would most propel Hindus into the American political limelight.  Bernie Sander demonstrated little to no understanding of the dangers posed by Islamism, he was preaching leftist populism, he didn't seem to see the bigger problem, he didn't notice the storm clouds on the horizon.  But by summertime Bernie's candidacy was no longer viable and so he was no longer a question.  Now it was between Trump and Hillary, which would it be?  Hillary Clinton was the establishment, she was the status quo, she refused to notice the threat of Radical Islam, she had no issue being funded by Islamic States like Saudi Arabia, she had no outspoken moral position on the discrimination and genocide faced by Hindus and non-Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh. But above all else she had proven herself to be an enemy of India's BEST hope, Narendra Modi.

Unbeknownst to the majority of the Hindu public, Hillary Clinton attempted to frame Narendra Modi for genocide.  As we all know, in 2002, when Modi was Minister of the Gujarat State, gangs of Muslims set fire to a train filled with women and children, killing dozens.  Because the crime was so heinous and targeted Hindus, spontaneous riots broke out across the state of Gujarat, many Muslims were killed during these riots. While any reasonable person could see that these riots were provoked by the act of terrorism, Hillary Clinton among others put in diligent efforts to try to frame Modi for the riots, seeing that he was set to become the next Prime Minister of India and it was believed that he would not be following the Western establishment's agenda. Hillary Clinton herself, as secretary of state, initiated the "Get Modi Plan", an attempt to find any evidence she could to bring Modi to trial. Hillary Clinton, using Scandinavian NGOs, found nothing save old buffalo bones in her vain search, and every agency in India cleared Modi of any crimes.  But still, the name of the plan, "Get Modi", shows that Hillary had obvious bias against India's BEST hope for security and prosperity. This along with other scandals of hers led our group to advertise her crimes using colorful posters and articles.

We did everything we could to expose Hillary's bias against Modi and India, as well as her funding from Islamic regimes like Sauid Arabia, but still she continued to rise in the polls.  There was no traction for the Hindu cause with Clinton We could not use her steam to advertise our plight, we could not compete with Saudi funding, we could not grab her heart or mind to see the travesty of Islamic governance in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hillary was consumed with painting Islam as being benign, meanwhile she had done everything she could to bring down Modi who knew very well the hazard posed to India by unchecked illegal Islamic immigration, and the US backed Islamic regime of Pakistan on its borders.  Modi was the man Hillary wanted to take down, not the house or Saud, her loyalties were obvious, so were her "enemies". What could we do?  We just continued, hoping for something to happen, and then the break came. 

After all of the media hype, all the demonstrations and internet activity, "Hindus For Trump" was a subject of dispute, of mockery, of intrigue and confusion, but it was still a subject of discussion, we had met half of our goal.  This small roar of activity, the buzz, it was loud enough to make the impossible possible... the Republican Hindu Coalition arranged for Trump to give a speech at an event made specially for Hindus.  In late October, only weeks away from election day, when Trump had slumped in the polls, he came to Edison New Jersey to speak to a crowd of more than 5,000 Hindu supporters.  No presidential candidate in history had ever attended a purely Hindu event, Trump was the first.  He made it clear to the crowd that under his administration Hindus would have a true friend in the White House and that the USA and India would become "best friends".  The money raised during the event went to the Hindu victims of genocide in the Islamic State of Bangladesh. This was amazing!  The media reported and contorted and laughed and jeered, but they could not help but say the word "Hindu", a word we have rarely ever heard them say before.  Even if Trump didn't win, we had already brought the Hindu name and the Hindu cause for liberation to the forefront. For the first time Hindus were mainstream news, the world knew we were a power who commanded respect. Our group "Hindus For Trump" attended the event with large signs exposing Hillary, we also passed out newly printed information cards which became the topic of much discussion in the days before the election

Trump's poll numbers began rising once again, "Hindus For Trump" was a force to be taken seriously, Jimmy Kimmel derided us, the Republican Hindu Coalition began airing pro-Trump ads in battle grounds states targeting Hindu voters, Hindus who supported trump but had remained silent began openly showing their support.  Amazingly, Trump's daughter-in-law visited a Hindu temple for Diwali and his son Eric did aarti in a Hindu temple in Florida, all of this days before the election. Meanwhile our group traveled to Philadelphia to partake in a Black-Asian-Hindu coalition demonstration for Trump, I was also flown to Houston to give a pro-Trump speech to a Hindu group there, we kept up the momentum. Everyone knew by now that Hindus were supporting Trump, now they were asking themselves why, and that is exactly what we wanted. 

Election night came and went, Trump won, Hillary lost, but "Hindus For Trump" had won from the very beginning. Hinduism in politics is now something elected officials needed to think about, no one can take our vote for granted, we need to be courted, we need to be respected, we have money to spend, energy to spend, and reasons for doing so... but what are these reasons?  We took no time in using our victory and Trump's victory to our advantage.  only days after the election, on November 13th, Bangladeshi Hindus brought their grievances to the United Nations, begging for an international response to the ongoing targeted murders and persecution of Hindus living within the Islamic State of Bangladesh. Special appeals were made to President Trump, we now had a powerful man on our side, a name which got our cause attention, people began listening.  This was followed by demonstrations outside Trump Tower and finally the White House in December.  Each time we made it clear, we were invoking help from Trump himself, the now leader of the free world, a man who had said that he would be the best friend of Hindus. International media paid attention, our demonstrations made news in Bangladesh where they are usually ignored... we cannot be ignored anymore, our movement now has teeth, power, attention, all because we did our best to make the "BEST" choice. 

So then how did it all happen, why did it all happen?  It is strange to think that all of this may not have happened at all, since it was my initial inclination to not get involved in politics.  But it was that initial ad for Trump, the one in the newspaper where I was in the front and Trump was in the back, and all the horror of Islamic tyranny in between... yes that is what brought me here, the fight against Radical Islamic terrorism and oppression and the struggle to liberate Hindus and non-Muslims from the yoke of Islamic governance. Just like in the newspaper, you need to travel through the horror of Islamism to get from me to Trump.  However even that alone would not have brought me to support such a controversial candidate. It was the Hindu brand of political thinking that activated me, that made politics seem good and worthy of my time and energy.  Trump was introduced to me on the back page of the newspaper as the "BEST" hope, not THE hope.  As time went on, and we struggled to bind the Hindu cause and the Western cause, it became obvious that Trump was the BEST hope for this ambition, yet I did not come to this conclusion myself.  Every Hindu I knew and respected suggested Trump as the best course of action, he would ally with us against Islamic terrorism and make us an ally, our support for him would also gain us media attention and force the political establishment to recognize us.  And if Trump won, which he did, then we would have a name that would strike fear into the heart of our oppressors. Yes now the media in Bangladesh and Pakistan is worried about our protests, their leaders are threatening our organizers because they know "Hindus For Trump" has gravity, they know it is pulling the concerns of the West and Hindus together, they know this is an allegiance which cannot be undone, an allegiance between natural allies.  Yes of course I have my concerns about Trump and Pence, yes I can understand other people's concerns, however I see now for certain he is the BEST hope for a secure world and the BEST ally for the vitality of the Hindu cause. This here is how and why I supported Trump, and now I know to always look for the best course of actions, the one that will continue to propel our cause and religion forward into the future, a future where we are mighty and great, this has been my intention from the beginning.

P.S. - Hindus For Trump was specially invited to the Asian Pacific American Inaugural Galal and were provided with silver tickets to the inauguration itself!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why CNN and the White Left hate Hindus


Have any of you heard of the outrage going on in the American Hindu community over CNN's "believer" series which, now at this most convenient time, has mocked and degraded Hindus and Hinduism? Yes, right now, as Hindus are mysteriously all of a sudden the victims of anonymous violence, and the white Left are trying to fearmonger our community into turning on Trump and his white supporters, yes now is when the white Leftist media at CNN decides to air stereotypical anti-Hindu propaganda.  To make matters worse, not only is CNN degrading and bashing Hindus and Hinduism for all to see, they put a brown Muslim up there to do it.  We can tell you right now that many Hindus are very suspicious, many of us worked very hard to get Trump elected, and now all of a sudden their is a spike in anonymous violence against us and CNN is normalizing Hinduphobia, very odd coincidence.  


So what is all the fuss about?  Why do Hindus feel slighted by CNN's believer series on Hinduism, which is hosted by the brown Muslim Reza Aslan?  The segment features the Aghori, a small sect of ascetic Shaivites (Shiva worshipers) who are famous for inhabiting cremation grounds and engaging in outrageous yet harmless behavior such as sometimes eating the flesh of dead bodies or ingesting their own excrement. The point of the Aghoris are to be a challenge to normative society, they mock the prevailing social customs to help us Hindus question ourselves, our ideas and our civilization. Just as some of the most visionary political and artistic movements in the West were born in the drug and orgy dens of Europe's bohemian renegades, so too Hindu society also has its acceptable outcasts, those who break tradition, and in doing so give us new ideas which help the society survive. When these social experimenters are White Leftists then it is fine, if they are Brown Hindus, it's an exotic mockery. 


It is certain that many of the White Leftist, 1960s holdouts who are currently operating CNN, in their hippie youth were dropping acid, sleeping with men women and maybe even animals, were running around on stage naked and perhaps even throwing shit at each others as some form of art.  Yes, you decrepit old White Leftists engaged in the most obscene and heinous activities of debauchery in your day, but why?  You did this to break your minds free of the prevailing conservatism of your day, you felt cramped, something inside you felt like you needed to break free from tradition, to experiment, to shock, to do something to open the way for a new path, and Hindus never blamed you for this.  Was everything you did in the 1960s and 1970s so good or healthy for society?  How many of you gave birth to drug babies, how many of you died of AIDS, how many youth were dehumanized by some of your more extreme forms of art?  Yes, you made mistakes in your struggle to find a new way, but you will never allow Hindus to do the same. Obviously you understand they stereotype of the "Ugly White Leftist Hypocrite". 


So here you are now, the reigning White Leftists, at the end of your tenure, used up, washed up and bitter because the teachings of your Marx inspired gurus didn't transform America into the paradise you were expecting, so what have you done?  You became the establishment, the White Leftists are the ideological face of the media (even if you don't always own it), you are the front face of the education system (even if you don't always run it), you are the think tanks behind today's entertainment industry (even if you don't always produce it).  Like an old painted opium whore, you sit in the shadows with your resentment, whispering your spells of decay and decline over the new youth, whom you have ensured will never be as bright or creative or adventurous as you were.  But why do you need to attack Hindus, why do you need to single us out?  Because you resent our success and the dynamism of our religion. 


Yes, you single us out, and every upright Brown Hindu perceives this with extreme sensitivity. Would CNN and the White Left ever produce a miniseries on the barbaric exploits of the Prophet Muhammad?  Would you ever go into the backwaters of Pakistan or Bangladesh and try to understand how Muhammad's recorded life of slavery, of rape, of iconoclasm, of degradation of the "pagan" has led to the anti-Hindu and anti-secular violence which are the prevailing motifs of these Muslim societies?  No, you don't even listen to Brown Muslims and Islamic governments themselves when they explain in plain language that they kill, that they enslave, that they rape and they destroy because they are following the path of Muhammad, no with the Muslim you always have your own convenient and rectifying explanation. In fact, on this matter the White Left engages in whole scale supremacist negationism, people are only following Islam if YOU believe they are following Islam... and who or earth are you? Unlike what you have presented with Reza Aslan in the "believer" series, you would never portray Islamic practices as bizarre or frighting, you would never do this because first you are scared of retaliation and second because on some level you resonate with Islam over Hinduism. 


But why do you hate the Hindu?  Because you wanted freedom and enlightenment, but you followed your sickly and insane White Prophet Karl Marx and his philosophical bastards.  You wanted paradise on earth, but all you are now is chewed up and spit out, your hopes have crumbled with the failed states of Russia and Cuba and Venezuela.  Your souls have been ossified in hard atheism, they are stuck forever in the cycle of dialectic materialism.  Here is why you hate Hindus, because your intellect can detect that over all our many gods and goddesses there transcends a rational non-theism, a conscientiousness that forces above our ability to define, these maneuver and sway society and individuals.  You wanted this power, you wanted our secular religion of "the force", but your Prophets were too concrete, too self-embodied and too fearful to present the abstract.  Like you we believe in the cyclical nature of reality, and evolution, but unlike you we did not trap our vision, we did not enslave it to our own personal egos, we did not command the cycle to deliver us to the Worker State! You hate us because we did not fall into the same trap as you did, despite the many possibilities of the formed we knew to always elevate first the formless, but you elevated the formed of your limited consciousness. Your vision of the future did not pan out, so now you think you are going to take it out on us. 


So what did you do, how did you decide to take revenge on the Hindus, because we supported Trump, because we dared to look beyond the current moment and mold our own future; how did your ugly White Leftist minds plot to undermine us?  Of course your not going to focus on the myriads of accomplishments of Hindu civilization, your not going to show the wonder of our ancient architecture, your not going to tell the story of how the invading Muslim armies burnt down our world renowned libraries and universities, your not going to show the world our groundbreaking advances in medicine and mathematics, your not going to explain how British colonialism led to many of the economic and social ills India faces today, your not going to highlight India's reviving Hindu middle class, your not going to garner sympathy for the Hindu by memorializing the 80 million who were murdered in Muslim pogroms, your not going to give us the respect we are due for influencing many of the world's most famous philosophers and scientists, your not going to give us the credit we are due for bringing yoga and meditation to the world, no you are not going to do any of this because right now you need to smear us for daring to buck your busted soulless asses. 


Rather than ever highlight our great accomplishments or our victimhood, you try and sadly fail to use one of our more eccentric but necessary traditions against us, and you send out one of your Brown Muslim lackeys to do it.  Reza Aslan sat like a foppish twit on the shores of  Vanarsi and acted like a snooty, pathetic, wilted hothouse flower as he surreptitiously mocked and degraded the Aghori men. We were so happy to watch our brothers who protect the margins of our society as they joked that if Aslan didn't shut his impish wimpy mouth that they would cut his head off, which we all know they would never do! Thank the gods we have these irreverent Hindu Social Justice Warriors (H-SJWs) to keep you over civilized and yeasty hatemongers in your place, and that includes your limp-wristed house Muslims. Our Aghori would outdo your Ozzy Osbourne and your KISS any day of the week, not matter how many live animals they eat on stage, no matter how much of their shit they throw in your mouths, so swallow that too while you are at it. You are are nothing but a pack of weak and pathetic haters. 


Here is what the pasty faced White Leftists who run CNN and Huffington Post need to know, the American Hindu community is VERY suspicious of the fact that all of a sudden there is an alarming rise in hate crimes against us, especially since the White population is acutely aware of the fact that Hindus supported Trump in significant numbers.  Unlike you, we attend White Trump rallies, and everyone knows that Trump came to a Hindu event in New Jersey and proclaimed that he would be the best friend of Hindus in the White House.  You wouldn't know this, because you pale ghosts only show up when it is time to malign us, but we Hindus have been joining majority White anti-Islamic Terrorism rallies for year. Yes, unbeknownst to you we have become a valuable addition to the anti-Leftists/anti-Islamists activist landscape.  Yes, White Trump supporters love the fact that we come with inside knowledge of the enemy and can articulate our history of oppression, we give the fight deeper meaning and context.  Everyone is suspicious of this recent spate of attacks, and you White Leftists are the ones coming to everyone's minds. We suspect you because we suspect our own Brown Leftists who play these kinds of games in India. 


And that brings us to the last reason why you hate us, why you seek to dehumanize and humiliate us, why you are trying to divide us from White America who has already begun to accept us.  You hate us because despite all the oppression and genocide and slavery we have suffered under Islamic and British Colonialism, we have still managed to rise to the occasion and become one the world's most educated and economically successful people on earth.  Here is something that every Brown person knows, Hindu and non-Hindu alike; you dying race of White Leftists want pets, you want damaged Brown people with no hope so that you can be their "champion" and mold them, you want Brown people to be the children you never had or who have abandoned you or who are now destroyed by the ugly druggy lazy culture you have inspired.  You love Brown Muslims like Reza Aslan because you know that Muslims need a crutch, they can't build their own vibrant secular democracies, they are abused slaves, they are needy, you want needy Brown people who will eat out of your wrinkly bloodstained hands.  The Hindu will never bow to you, we are more educated and more industrious than you could ever care to be, and that is why you hate us so much. 


Let's end this on a good note.  You ignorant bigots probably don't know this, but on March 13th we Hindus will be celebrating our spring festival of Holi. The message of Holi is apropos to this current situation.  According to our histories, there was once an evil king named Hiranyakashipu, he was evil because, just like you White Leftists, he could not see any power above his own stupid ego, he expected all of humanity to worship him as supreme.  Now this White Leftist prototype, Hiranyakashipu, he had a son named Prahlada who represents we Hindus very well, he was wise enough to know his father's ego was not all encompassing, and so Prahlada worshiped the power of preservation personified as Lord Vishnu as supreme above his father. Like you White Leftists, king Hiranyakashipu was very arrogant and murderous and duplicitous, and so he hatched a plan to kill his own son.  Just as you White Leftists have your Brown Muslim servants, Hiranyakashipu had his witch sister Holika, and the two devised a plan to kill Prahlada. Holika lured Prahlada onto a funeral pyre which she planned to set on fire.  Like your Brown Muslim co-conspirators, Holika thought that she was safe from the flames of her stupid and ugly hatred because she was wearing a magical cloak which she thought would preserve her from the flames. But the power of preservation, Lord Vishnu, he protected Prahlad and burnt "Holika" alive. Then there was Holika's task master to deal with.  Seeing that his plans had failed, king Hiranyakashipu tried to attack and kill Prahlada, but all of a sudden Vishnu burst out of a pillar in the form of Narashima (a man-lion) and ripped Hiranyakashipu  limb from limb. 


This Holi, many of us Hindus will likely be hanging out with our White friends who support Trump.  Like us, your White relatives are sick and tired of you and your hate mongering.  We will be making them very aware that we are extremely suspicious of these recent attacks on Hindus, and how they coincide with CNN's decision to come out with an anti-Hindu hate piece at this very critical time. There is much Narashima energy in the air these days, Whites and Browns are fed up with those who attack the pillars of secularism and democracy while at the same time get in bed with the Islamists who have built nothing but murderous and retrograde theocracies.  The evening before Holi we will be lighting bonfires to represent the burning of Holika, the witch who tried to kill Prahlada at the behest of her wicked brother Hiranyakashipu, but the next day we will celebrate the spring, new life, by throwing colors in the streets.  Just as we do in India, this Holi we will use our festivities to break down barriers of race and caste and class, and here in America we will further break down the barriers between White and Brown supporters of Trump.  This is the spring, the dawn of a new alliance, you don't control the narrative anymore, and you never will again.